Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Losing Day

So today was a losing day for me, Now I can probably blame it on lack of sleep of the sick kidlet but in the end I have nobody to blame but myself. I knew deep down I should had stayed away today but I had that itch to go on. I am currently working night shifts and I then had to ensure the kids were ready for school and then drive them there. I was tired already but then throw in I had other tasks to do before I went and grabbed about 2 hrs sleep . Now waking up and thinking well I got a hour to mess around with lets go log on…. Big mistake

So my first SNG I lasted about 15 minutes my trip jacks were no match for mr donk who had 72 suited and chased his flush to the river and sure enough BAM game over…

So after that I said that’s it finished for the day but wait…. I srtill have about 45 minutes surely I can fit another one in…lol

So sure enough away I go and sign up 25 minutes later I am staring at the computer wondering what the freak just happened

Jacks were my enemy today as again after winning a few hands and being aggressive I raise with a two johnnies in my hands everyone folds except for one player who flat calls.

Flop comes Ace, 6 jack…and I am thinking let’s play this out.. check check.. nothing on the turn or river and he pushes I am thinking he has two pair as nothing else is there..

I guessed wrong and I should have known better as I have spent the last few weeks playing the same guys as they are always on and made notes…

My notes on this chap…tight player will fold to pressure unless he has the nuts….

When he flipped over pockets aces I could have kicked myself….game over

So again nobody to blame but myself and lesson learned from today’s play
As I continue on my quest I feel I am becoming a better player and know when I screwed up and when sometimes you just need to fold a awesome hand

In the long run it will make me a better player although today I felt like a idiot 

Alright time for me to catch some shut eye or else I will be skipping the tables tomorrow


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Coming up to the end of Day 2

Well another day is almost done and I am proud to say I stuck to my plan and only participated in 2 SNG's today and was a winner for both. If you just joined my blog I have came up with a plan to only play 2 SNG's a day at Doyles room (the double up ones) to which by the end of the year I will have enough to enter one of the events for the 2011 WSOP....

I also came to the conclusion that I would ensure my lawn would have a great summer by me watering it everyday...well the rain again took care of that today..

On a side note it's back to work for me in the morning as I am finishing my six days off to which I enjoyed.

My youngest is getting sick and won't be attending school tomorrow which he is all happy

Other than that just watching twitter and the updates of the wsop....

My other goal is to get more followers for my blog and twitter as well...

check it out

Alright Peeps
time to hit the hay

Have a great Day tomorrow

current balance 58.35

Monday, June 7, 2010

End of Day 1

Just a quick hitter...end of day one and my balance is 49.05 , got bored and played more than what I said I would. Must stay strict to achieve my goal.

Ok folks

have a great night and may your cards be aces :)


Day One of the Quest for the WSOP


Lawn watered (check) ok so it's raining outside what can I say lol . So Day one and I have made a few observations already..Never play Doyles room in the morning . It is crazy as it is mostly the Europe boys on there and man do they play a wild style.. no fear and will re raise you with 5 3 os if they catch a sniff of you backing down. so my first double up SNG was a bust but alas the afternoon came upon us and I have won three in a row so I am up.. I threw in a 1. 20 for the steps to the 2500 wsop package Doyle is offering and won the first two steps so I am sitting here waiting for one more player to join for step three... Thinking do I play it now or wait until it softens up this evening...hmmmm

Well hopefully I have some viewers as Poker and blogging is something I really enjoy and want to pursue it a little further.... Hey POKERNEWS do you need some bloggers me....

And last but not least I just want to say Congrats to Tom Durr DWAN for his second place finish in the 1500 NL...
I was watching the updates and was amazed that he did not win it all but hey who can complain about second place and it's prize money... DUrr is already well known and I am sure a bracelet will come his way sooner than later..

Ok off to play step three . wish me luck :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Quest to the WSOP

Yes, Yes I know it has been way to long, Do I have a excuse , not really just always seem to put it off and oh ya I took a break from poker for a long period... Now don't get me wrong I did not lose a ton of money, just was not ready to do it full time. Having small kidlets at home and a loving wife that doesn't understand cards or how poker is played, well I decided to spend some quality time with them :)

Then enter Doyles Yep I love this site and have been playing the 5 steps to the 2500 wsop entry..Now I have been at it for awhile and have made it once to the final step where I really started playing terrible... My style was all wrong mainly due to the fact that these boys were raising preflop almost every hand and when I did call yes I know call and not raise they would suck out or I would just ship them chips thinking my middle pair was

Anyway sitting here tonight watching the updates I decided two things... I will water the lawn every night this summer and I will be going to the WSOP next year..

The lawn part is easy it is the next one that might take some work.
Now I love SNG's and I will admit I am pretty decent at it so I came up with a plan. I officially have 35 dollars sitting in Doyles room... from this day forward I will play two SNG's a day for the next 12 months (hopefully) I figure if I can play the double up SNG's I should be fine after all it is a waiting game in those.

so my plan is to start the next 30 days at the 5 dollar level and then move up to ten. I am hoping by this time next year I will have at least one entry fee for the smaller events.

Ok so there it is thats my plan. I am going to make a better effort on here as well and keep anyone who is following up to date with my progress.

Alright just past midnight and it's my turn to take the kidlets to school in the morning so it is bedtime for this cat.

I look forward to keeping this up to date..
Millsy 630

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A New Respect

Hey all,

Well finally got a chance to sit down and jot a few lines... This week has been crazy stupid and I don't mean at the tables.It is funny how life can be sometimes.
I figured work would be slow this week as it was freezing cold... Boy was I wrong. If anything could take place , well it did.

Between working, rushing home to get the kids to swimming and hockey then back to pick them up, I somewhere had to fit in food and sleep then back to work.

It was one of those weekends where me and my better half both had to work the weekend..I kinda got a glimpse of what she does on a daily basis now..
My respect has grown a ton for her. I sometimes squawk about having to go get them after just working a 12 hr shift and then making sure all the baths and homework is done.. she has way more to worry about , like clothes being ready, lunches to be made

Ok I gotta fly as I have to go get my daughter from a tournament and then drop her off to go watch my son ion the hockey finals..

then be at work for 9pm...

Life crazy how it can be sometimes..Wouldn't change it though :)

Oh I did manage to squeak in a few $2 sit n gos.... played 8 and finished in the money in all but 2 of them.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Freeroll Frenzy

So it's Saturday night ,I have the Flu and I am not too interested in watching Vancouver vs San Jose on the tube.. What is a person to do.. well I take a peek in Full Tilt and a 100 dollar freeroll catches my eye...Hmmmm I say and it starts in a hour and there is nobody signed up... So I jump through the ropes find out the PW and sign up for it.....

Did I mention that 726 other people did too....LOL Now I don't mind tournies but I usually don't play these as there are too many people.....and too crazy... But I sat down and decided to experiment with my game and see if I could fill any holes ..

well 3 hrs later , Guess what I am Chip It was fun... My other half comes down and asked me ..what the hell I am doing... and I tell her I am freerolling baby...

She then asked how much could you win... I told her that first pays like 10 bucks...

She laughed and stated 10 bucks for 3 hrs wow....Don't quit your day job...

Now people may laugh but I found out something last night... That I can last to the final table if I play with disicpline and a little luck...... I figure if you can outplay 700 some people in a free roll where things get crazy...then I must be doing someting right.

Well I should get going , got to work today even though I am sick...ICK!

Oh as for the tourney.. I finished fourth place...good enough for 7.70 ... It isn't much but a great lesson was learned..



Just Sick!